How to use Infinitive verbs in Spanish.

Definition of 'Infinitive verb'

The infinitive is the pure form of a verb is usually used to refer to the "to + verb" form of the verb such as "to sleep" or "to work," In Spanish, infinitives always end in -ar, -er or -ir, with -ar being the most common.

Other examples of infinitives in Spanish are comer, viajar, comprender, and practicar. The corresponding English infinitives are "to eat," "to travel," "to understand," and

"to practice."

Using Infinitives the same way like English.

In a sentence such as "Quiero comprar una casa" (I want to buy a house), the infinitive verb in both language retains he same place and position like in English.

  • Tengo que practicar más seguido.

  • I have to practice more often.

  • Necesito cambiar 20 libras por euros.

  • I need to change £20 for euros.

  • No Quiero comer ahora.

  • I don’t want to eat now.

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